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Valck, Gerard (1651/2-1726) Dutch. See Directory of printmakers.

Vanderpill, Hans (active 1642) Dutch. Publisher in Amsterdam.

Velde, Jan van de (c.1620-86) Dutch. Goldsmith and engraver; active in Amsterdam 1630-1636, in Haarlem 1642-1643 and after c. 1656 and Stockholm c.1650-1656; inventor of aquatint.

Visscher, Claes Jansz. (1587-1652) Dutch. Amsterdam. Began as a draughtsman and engraver from 1605, but soon turned publisher, and became the largest dealer of his day, specialising in reprinting older plates. He might have been a pupil of David Vinck(e)boons. Father of Claes Claesz Visscher I [Nicolaes I, Claes de Jonghe].

Visscher, Cornelis (1628/9-1658) Dutch. Leading line-engraver and publisher. Born in Haarlem. In 1653 he became a member of the guild of St. Luke in Haarlem. Collaborator of Pieter Soutman 1649-1650. Around 1655 probably in Amsterdam. Brother of Johannes and Lambert Visscher.

Visscher, Nicolaes, I (1618-79) Dutch. Son of Claes Jansz. and continued his publishing empire. Publisher and draughtsman. Member of the Guild of booksellers in Amsterdam from 1664. Pupil of his father Claes Jansz. Visscher. Father of Claes Claesz. Visscher II [Nicolaes II]. Received a general privilege of the States General in 1677.

Visscher, Nicolaes, II (1649-1702) Dutch. Son of Nicolaes I, and continued the family publishing business. He received a general privilege of the States of Holland and West Friesland in 1682, the year after which Claes published a stock-list. In 1684 he sold obsolete plates of the Visscher firm at auction. His wife, Elisabeth Verseyl (died 1726), continued the shop after his death.

Vize, Edward (active 1683-4) Bookseller/publisher.

Vorsterman, Lucas, I (1595-1675) Flemish. See Directory of printmakers.