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Fairbeard, George (fl. 1617-29) Bookseller. Fairbeard appears in the lists of apprentices to the Stationers' Company on 2 May 1608; he was made free on 6 May 1617 (Dict.1). He is recorded as a bookseller and stationer working between 1618 and 1629 (STC, about a dozen titles). In 1618 his address was in Pope's Head Alley at the George near the Royal Exchange; in subsequent years it was at the north side (or door) of the Royal Exchange. His widow Sarah was at the same address in 1636. Fairbeard's name, followed by 'excudit', is found on three prints of 1620-1, always in combination with Jenner's address. These are of Frederick Christian of Denmark by Elstrack (Hind II 175.24); the Earl of Rutland (anon, Hind II 380.42 = Hind III 353.55, accidentally described twice); and of James I and Prince Charles by Willem de Passe in 1621 (Hind II 291.10; Griffiths no. 22). The Register of the Stationers' Company shows that he had entered these, acting on Jenner's behalf, on 28 April 1620, 3 February 1621 and 26 October 1621 respectively. All his entries in the Register fall within the years 1618-22.

Farthing, George (active 1673) He published an important satire by Francis Barlow in c.1673 ('The Egg of Dutch Rebellion', BMSat 1045). He is otherwise unknown, and is not in Wing or Plomer. The 1673 satire was published jointly with Edward Powell.

Faulcon, Nicholas (late 17th cent.) Publisher.

Focken, Hendrick (fl. c.1650-88). Dutch publisher.

Forrest, Thomas (active 1710) Publisher.

Fountaine, Richard (late 17th cent.) Printseller.

Freeman, W (active 1700) Publisher.

Furck, Sebastian (1600-55) German. Engraver and publisher in Frankfurt am Main.

Fussell, Nicholas (fl. 1624-50) Bookseller. Free of the Stationers' Company, 1624. In partnership with Humphrey Moseley until 1635. Bibliography: H R Plomer, A Dictionary of the Booksellers and Printers who were at work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1641 to 1667, 1907.