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Neeffs, Jacques (1610-c.1633 after) Flemish. Engraver active in Antwerp, pupil of I. Marinus. Pupils: Jacques van de Velde, Emanuel Winghen.

Newcomb, Robert (active 1714) Publisher in Fleet Street.

Newman, Dorman (active 1662-94) A large-scale book publisher, who published between 1665 and his bankruptcy in 1694 at the King's Arms in the Poultry. Plomer records two other addresses he used, but these have not been found on his prints. Dunton was apprenticed to him for seven years, and recorded 'He was once a considerable dealer but has been unfortunate ... and since his misfortunes is turned preacher' (p. 211). A catalogue of his publications is to be found in Samuel Collins, The Present State of Russia, 1671, and another of c.1673 is in the BL (1507/1255). Between 1685 and 1687 he advertised various engravings in the Term Catalogues. In February 1685 he announced a portrait of Staremberg as well as the marble statue of Charles II by Vandrebanc after Grinling Gibbons. In November 1687 he advertised 'Discors Concordia' and a print of the storming of Buda in 1686.

Norfolke & Marshall (active 1688-9) Publishers.

Nutting, Joseph (1660-1722) Publisher.