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Ranew, Nathaniel (active 1670) Publisher.

Ratelband, Johannes (fl. 1704-30) Dutch. Publisher in Amsterdam.

Richards, Godfrey (17th cent.) Publisher.

Richardson, William (1778-1812) Print dealer and publisher. Early career publishing satires, often by Colley. Later became the leading specialist in portrait prints with Thane. Published series of facsimiles of rare early British portraits for Grangerisers. Lugt refers to him as William Richardson Jr., suggesting that his father was also a printseller; it may be WR Senior who traded from 68, High Holborn in 1778. Note the prints by H. MacPhail, published from 68 High Holborn in 1784; this might be a pseudonym.

Robinson, Humphrey (c.1600-70) Publisher. Apprenticed 1614; free of the Stationers' Company 1623, in partnership with Robert Milbourne.

Robinson, J (active 1699) Bookseller/publisher.

Robinson, Jonathan (active 1670) Publisher.

Robyn, J (active 1676-1700) Dutch. Publisher in Amsterdam.

Rogers, William (17th cent.) Publisher with Brabazon Aylmer.

Rothwell, John (active 1633) Publisher.

Rotterdam, Pieter (active 1688-1715) Dutch. Bookseller.

Rowlett, Thomas (active 1641-49) Thomas Rowlett published many of the finest English plates of the 1640s; uniquely for the time, he never issued any restrikes. He published sets of etchings by Francis Clein, Edward Pierce, Isaac de Caus and John Evelyn, as well as a portrait of William Dobson by Josiah English and four engravings by William Faithorne (a complete list is given by A. Griffiths in Art and Patronage in the Caroline Courts, ed. D. Howarth (Cambridge,1993), p. 57). Rowlett first appears as a member of the household of the print publisher Robert Peake in 1641 (M. Edmond, Walpole Society, 47 (1978/80), p. 204 n. 324). On 27 April 1643 a Thomas Rowlett gent. of St Dunstan's West, aged 22, married Marie Haines (Harleian Society Publications, vol.26, p. 270). Since St Dunstan's is close to Temple Bar, and Rowlett began publishing within a year or two of this date, this is probably the same man. Another Isaac Rowlett witnessed a will in impeccable humanist script jointly with William Peake in 1632 (Burlington Magazine, 118, p. 81). Rowlett's publications can all be dated between 1645 and 1649. The most plausible hypothesis is that he took over Peake's plates after the fall of Basing House, and acted as his agent/proxy while Peake himself was imprisoned (see Peake). This explains the origins of his business and its nature. To have acted as publisher for Evelyn in 1649, Rowlett must have been of a similar social class. He clearly had an acute eye for quality, and must have known many of the foremost artists of the time. The sudden cessation of the business in 1649 was presumably connected to aftermath of Charles's execution, and nothing is known about Rowlett after this year. Rowlett's plates, like Peake's, passed to Thomas Hinde, and thence to Stent (Globe p. 220).

Royston, Richard (1599-1686) Bookseller and publisher.

Ruddyard, William (17th cent.) Print publisher and printseller.

Ryall, John (fl. 1764-5) Print publisher, at some point in partnership with Robert Withy.