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Badger, George (active 1647) Printseller.

Baker, J. (1680-1717) Bookseller in London; publisher of satires.

Bakewell, Elizabeth (active 1749-1770s) Print seller and publisher, widow of Thomas Bakewell; continued her husband's business, trading with Henry Parker from 1759(?).

Bakewell, Thomas (1670-1764) Print seller and publisher, sometimes in partnership with Timothy Jordan. Plomer's first record of him is in 1670, so probably a family business. Elizabeth Bakewell, his widow (or daughter) continued the business into the 1760s with Henry Parker.

Balaam, Henry (active 1628) Publisher.

Baldwin, Richard (1654-c.1698) Bookseller, bookbinder and printer. Son of Thomas Baldwin of Wickham (?Wycombe) Bucks, hempdresser; 1668, apprenticed in Stationers' Company; 1675, trading under his own name from; died 1698; succeeded by widow Ann Baldwin. Booksellers of the same name trading in the City of London throughout the 18th century may well have been related.

Bancken, Margaret á (active 1695) Dutch. Publisher.

Barber, John (active 1657) Publisher of books and pamphlets.

Barnes, John (late 17th cent.) Publisher.

Battersby, William (active 1671-1701) A bookseller. He was co-publisher with Tooker of the second edition of Alexander Browne's Ars Pictoria in 1675. His name and address at 'Thavies' (i.e. Thames) Inn Gate in Holborn are joined with that of Tooker on the second state of Vandrebanc's large head of Charles II engraved after Gascars (Griffiths no.148), and on the second state of Barlow's St George. His name is also found on some of Robert White's portrait frontispieces.

Beckett, G. (active 1688-9) Widow of Isaac Beckett, and continued his business as print publisher.

Beckett, Isaac (1653-88) See Directory of printmakers.

Beckett, William (fl. c.1689) Print publisher; probably a son of Isaac Beckett. William was one of the publishers of Tijou's ironwork designs in 1693, and was still working at the same address in 1704 (see London Gazette, 10 January 1704).

Bedell, Gabriell (active 1646-68) Bookseller, in business 1646-68; 1646-54 in partnership with Mercy Meighen, widow of Richard Meighen, until her death; 1650 Thomas Collins joined as third partner, became sole partner at some point in or after 1654, but Plomer suggests this only continued until 1656; in brief partnership with R. Marriot, T. Garthwayte (presumably Timothy Garthwaite) and J Crooke in 1654; apparently a suicide.

Beeck, Anna (1657-1717) Dutch. Active in The Hague.

Bell, M. (active 1656) Print publisher. The unique impression of Josiah English's 1656 etching of a drinker after Clein (1859,0806.410) is lettered 'sould by M.Bell on Great Tower Hill'. The lettering is probably a later addition. Bell is otherwise unknown.

Benwell, Thomas (fl. 1660s) Print seller. Address found on a late state of Willem de Passe's 'Triumphus Jabobi'.

Beusecom, Francoys van (1642-65) Dutch. Publisher, engraver and print dealer; worked in Amsterdam.

Bickham, George (c.1706-71) Printmaker and publisher; son of George Bickham the Elder; collaborated with his father, and their prints have not been properly identified; when there is any doubt, prints have been placed under George Bickham the Younger.

Bierling, Adam Alexius (1625-75) Flemish. Draughtsman and art dealer, active in Antwerp in the mid-17th century; Wenceslaus Hollar engraved prints after his designs; Bierling also published many prints by Hollar.

Bill, John (c.1578-1630) Printer and bookseller. Apprenticed to John Norton, 1592; free 1601. Between c.1596 and 1602/3, travelled abroad to buy books for Sir Thomas Bodley. Became an extensive publisher of books from 1604 onwards, regularly visiting Frankfurt book fair. Owned a share in the King's Printing House. Imprints as follows: Bonham Norton and John Bill, July 1617 to 7 May 1619; Robert Barker and John Bill, 8 May 1619 to January 1620/1; Bonham Norton and John Bill, January 1620/1 to 21 October 1629; Robert Barker and John Bill, 20 October 1629 to Bill's death on 5 May 1630.

Blaeu, Willem Janszoon (1571-1638) Dutch. Cartographer, dealer and print and book publisher; first of a prestigious family of publishers, he studied in cartography in the school of Tycho Brahe in Alkmar; between 1633-38 he was cartographer for the West-India Company.

Blaiklock, Lawrence (active 1631-1654) Bookseller; apprenticed 1631, free of the Stationers' Company 1638. (Ref.

Blome, Richard (1635-1705) Cartographer and bookseller/publisher; author of Britannia and The Gentleman's Recreation of 1686.

Blooteling, Abraham (1640-90) Dutch. See Directory of printmakers.

Boedats, C. C. (fl. 1689) Flemish. This name is given in the publication line of a print of 1689 after Romeyn de Hooghe; it may be a falsification.

Boissevin, Louis (c.1610-85) French. Printseller and publisher.

Bollard, Jean (fl. 1689) Dutch. Dutch publisher (?); perhaps a pseudonym.

Bonnart, Nicolas (c.1637-1718) French. Engraver and publisher; son of Henri (1610-1682), brother of Henri (1642-1711) and of Jean-Baptiste Bonnart; engraving activities mainly c.1664-70; after his death, his publishing business was taken over by his widow and his son Nicolas until 1727.

Booth, Thomas (active 1634-6) An obscure printseller who published from the Glove (not Globe, pace Hind) in Cornhill, or 'by the Royal Exchange'. He is not recorded by STC or Plomer. He published a reprint of the series of 'Twelve Months' by R. Vaughan; this had first been published by Compton Holland and then by T.Geele, before passing to Booth; from him it went to Stent (Globe 548; Hind III 89.113). Since Geele was working in 1630, this suggests that Booth was active later in the decade. Booth's address has been found on a few other prints: portraits of Mary Queen of Scots (Hind III 350.44) and Lord Coventry by Martin Droeshout (Hind II 351.2), and a set of the Four Temperaments (Griffiths p. 309, no.35). STC records the bookseller Thomas Hope as selling from 'the Glove over against the Conduit in Cornhill near the Royal Exchange' between 1634-6. This must be the same shop as Booth's. That Hope may have been tenant at the same time as Booth is suggested by the fact that in 1637 Hope moved to the Unicorn in Cornhill, which was the shop vacated by another printseller William Riddiard in 1636.

Borcht, Hendrick van der (1614-66) German. See Directory of printmakers.

Bormeester, Joachim (fl.1685-95) Dutch. Publisher and engraver in Amsterdam.

Boswell, John (fl. 1620s) Print publisher. His activity can be fixed to around 1620 from his re-issue of a portrait of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, before it was changed into a portrait of Charles I; see G. S. Layard's catalogue of altered plates, no.58.

Bouche, P. P. (fl. 1685-95) Print seller, published portraits of James II, William III (1862,1213.2) and Mary II (1862,1213.3).

Bourne, Nicholas (fl. 1601-57) Publisher and bookseller in London.

Bowles and Carver (1763-1830) Partnership of (Henry) Carington Bowles II (son of Carington Bowles I) and Samuel Carver, continuing the Bowles business in St Paul's Churchyard, London, 1793-1832. In 1818, Bowles built Myddelton House in Enfield.

Bowles, Carington (1724-93) Son of John Bowles to whom he was apprenticed in 1741, and with whom he was in partnership as John Bowles & Son, at the Black Horse, Cornhill, London, from 1752 or 1753. He later took over the business of his uncle, Thomas Bowles II in St Paul's Churchyard. It has been assumed that Carington moved to St Paul's Churchyard in 1767 when Thomas II died, but the date 1766 appears with Carington's name as publisher at St Paul's Churchyard on a portrait of Lord Camden (Faber Junior, Chaloner Smith, 52.II). When Carington died the business passed to his son (Henry) Carington Bowles.

Bowles, John (1701?-1779) Print publisher. Younger brother of Thomas Bowles II. From 1723 ran a print shop at Mercers' Hall, Cheapside, London, moving in 1733 to the Black Horse, Cornhill. In 1752 or 1753 his son Carington Bowles became a partner and for the next ten years they traded as John Bowles & Son. The shop was damaged by fire in 1766 and the business moved back temporarily to Mercers' Hall, Cheapside. By 1768 its address was 13 Cornhill (possibly the same premises as the former Black Horse). John Bowles died a rich man and his stock was taken over by Robert Wilkinson.

Bowles, Thomas (c.1695-1767) Print publisher and engraver. In about 1715 took over the business in St Paul's Churchyard, London, founded by his father, Thomas Bowles I. His nephew, Carington Bowles took over c.1763; at his death in 1793 the business passed to his son Henry Carington Bowles, known as Carington Bowles II, who traded in partnership with Samuel Carver until about 1832. See also Thomas Bowles II, his son, and John Bowles, his younger brother.

Bowles, Thomas (fl. 1691-1721) Print publisher. Founder of the family business in St Paul's Churchyard, London. See Thomas Bowles II for a history of the business.

Boydell, John (1719-1804) The leading London print publisher; his international trade did much to establish British painting on a European basis. 1782 onwards, Alderman; 1790-1, Lord Mayor of London.

Braakman, Adriaan (fl. 1692-1706) Dutch. Publisher in Amsterdam.

Briscoe, Sam (fl. 1720s) Publisher.

Brome, Henry (fl. 1659-81) Book publisher. His wife Joanna continued the business until her death in 1684, after which it was taken up by their son Charles, whose name last appears c.1711-12.

Brome, Joanna (fl. 1659-84) See Henry Brome.

Brooke, Nathaniel (fl. 1646-77) Bookseller in London.

Browne, Alexander (active 1659-1706) Auctioneer, dealer, drawing master and mezzotint publisher. Tompson's successor in early mezzotint publishing. Chaloner Smith lists 44 plates, to which a few subject plates can be added. Most are after Lely, and all but two of these have his title as knight - i.e. they are after 1680 though they were all made in a short period, and none appears to be later than 1685. There seems no reason to think that Browne made his plates himself, but the name of his mezzotinter remains obscure - possibly Jan van Somer or Jan van der Vaart. Browne obtained a license on 29 February 1684 for 'above a hundred plates' which are listed individually (for the complete list with commentary see Print Quarterly, 2000, p. 122) Bibliography: Chaloner Smith (44 nos); Antony Griffiths, ‘Early mezzotint publishing in England: Peter Lely, Tompson and Browne’, in Print Quarterly, 7 (1990), pp. 130-4.

Browne, Christopher (fl. 1688-1712) Robert Walton's apprentice and successor in 1688 as printseller and publisher. Retired from business in c.1712 and died after 1737. Married in 1688 Elizabeth Holton, presumed to be a relative of Walton's sister Anne Holton (see The Library, 1979, p. 390). Purchased all Vandrebanc's plates from his widow in 1697.

Browne, Joseph (active 1619) Print publisher, collaborated with Edward Pierson.