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C, J (1650s) Monogram JC. Printer, for Nathaniel Brooks, Henry Hill, etc.

Casteleijn, Pieter (1618-76) Dutch. Publisher, active in Haarlem.

Chauveau, François (1613-76) French. Engraver of vignettes and book-illustrations.

Cherets, Thomas (active 1678) Publisher.

Chiswell, Richard (1639-1711) Eminent bookseller and publisher; commissioned many portraits as frontispieces. See Vertue VI pp. 9-10 for a list of prices that he paid for them.

Cleave, Isaac (active 1690s) Publisher.

Clerck, Nicolaes de (1599-1621) Dutch. Publisher. Settled in Delft between 1599 and 1621. In 1625 he was working in The Hague. He published prints designed by De Gheyn II and engraved by Andries Stock, between 1610 and 1615.

Cock, Hieronymus (c.1510-70) Flemish. Born in Antwerp about 1520, Cock was painter, printmaker and art dealer as well as a print publisher. In 1548 he founded Aux Quatre Vents, which was to become the most important print publishing firm from outside Italy until it was closed at the death of his widow (Volcxken Diercx) in 1600. He is thought to have gone to Rome about 1546-8, just before starting his business. If so, he must have visited the impressive publishing houses of Antonio Lafreri and Salamanca. Cock died in 1570.

Collings, Matt (fl. 1660-4) Print publisher (not a bookseller) working at the Three Black Birds in Cannon Street. He published several new plates. A fine engraving by David Loggan of the Duke of Albemarle is dated 1661, and another by him of Catherine of Braganza followed in 1663. Another member of the royal family, the Duke of York, was engraved by James Gammon (undated, but early 1660s). Collings also reprinted various old plates: William I (Hind II 121.1A, originally published by Compton Holland), and a set of the 12 Months in roundels (Griffiths p. 312), originally published by Thomas Johnson. He collaborated with Stent in three plates (or sold them to Stent) between 1660 and 1664 (see Globe p. 213).

Collins, Thomas (fl. 1650-67) Bookseller, 1650-c.1656 in partnership with Gabriell Bedell; 1660 printer (with Abel Roper) to the council of State.

Combe, Benjamin (active 1681) Publisher.

Coniers, J (17th cent.) Publisher.

Cooke, J (active 1770) Published: History and survey of the cities of London and Westminster, ed. H.Chamberlain.

Cooper, Edward (active 1682-1725) The major London print publisher of the end of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries; lived and published at the Three Pigeons in Bedford Street, just off Covent Garden; although he published numerous engravings, the bulk of his production was of mezzotints; he published the prints of Isaac Beckett, Robert Williams, Bernard Lens, John Simon, William Faithorne the Younger and Peter Pelham among others; for a short period in 1684-9 he published some plates of John Smith; nothing is known about his origins, and the first sign of his activity lies in an advertisement in the True Protestant Mercury for 21 February 1682 for a print of a Popish Plot subject, jointly published with L. Curtiss; his first advertisement in the London Gazette of 19 August 1686 was for a mezzotint after Wissing of the Royal family, and many of his publications of the 1680s were after Wissing's paintings, with whom he had evidently come to an arrangement for the exclusive publication of his paintings (see Print Quarterly, 6 (1989), pp. 251-4); in later years he seems to have held a similar position with Michael Dahl; on 6 December 1686 Cooper announced in the London Gazette (also in the Stationers' Register for 1 December and in the Term catalogue for ?) that he had been granted a Royal License 'for the sole printing the effigies draughts and portraitures, which he hath already done or shall hereafter do in mezzotinto, for the term of fourteen years, with prohibition to all others to print or copy the same in great or small'. (The original dated 26 November 1686 is in SP44/337, 144-5.) His prints after this date can be distinguished by the words 'cum privilegio Regis', which he was still using as late as 1720 (eg CS p. 972 no.19); a similar privilege had been awarded two years earlier to Alexander Browne, but no other such blanket privilege was ever given to another publisher Cooper, John (1726-30/37) 3 records Son of Edward Cooper, and probably identical with the John Cooper portrayed as a boy in a print by William Faithorne published by Edward Cooper. According to Clayton he had died by 1730, but his mezzotint of Margaret Patten (CS. 5) is dated 1737. Was associated with Philip Overton with whom he published prints including Hogarth's large Hudibras series (1726). Covens, Jan (1697-1774) Dutch. 3 records Publisher and playing-card maker, he worked together with Corneille Mortier, they began as printers with the publisher Pieter Mortier, who had worked before for Frederick de Wit.

Cripps, Henry (1620 before-1658) Bookseller, stationer and bookbinder. His son, also Henry Cripps, was apprenticed to Henry Overton in 1639 and was in business in London until his death in 1661/62.

Crooke, William (1664) Published popular prints.

Croom, George (1671-1707) Printer in London.

Cross, Thomas (1644-82) See Directory of printmakers.

Crowley, Theodore (1658) Printseller.

Curtis, Langley (fl. 1668-90) Bookseller in London.