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Malbouré (late 17th cent.) French. Family of print publishers in rue St Jacques, Paris. Founded by Claude (c.1645- after 1706), and continued by his son Antoine (after 1679-1761). The two are impossible to distinguish and their publications are catalogued under the one name. Had a strong line in thesis prints.

Mariette, Pierre (1634-1716) French. Print dealer and publisher, the greatest publisher of the century; son of Pierre Mariette I; married widow of Langlois in 1655. In 1657 settles at his father's address (rue st Jacques à l'Espérance), a house that he inherits in 1663. In 1658, he bought the 'Colonnes d'Hercules', and for a while rented it to a hat-maker then to a book-seller.

Marrebeeck, M (1700 or later) Dutch. Print publisher, probably working in Amsterdam.

Marriott, John (active 1645) Published The Shepherds Oracles by Francis Quarles, 23 November 1645.

Marriott, Richard (active 1677) Published Richard Izacke's Antiquities of the City of Exeter in 1677, ‘At His Shop At The Sign Of The Temple By The Inner Temple Gate, Fleet Street’.

Marshall, John (active c.1700) Publisher.

Marshall, William (1679-1725) Print publisher in partnership with Joseph Marshall. For their trade card, see Heal 17.98 and 99.

Martyn, Jo. (active 1660-80) Publisher.

Mearne, Sam (active 1684) Publisher; probably related to C and A Mearne, whose names appear with his on An Impartial Collection of the Great Affairs of State from the .. Scotch Rebellion .. to the Murther of King Charles I... by J Nalson, 1684.

Merlen, Theodorus Jonasz. van (1600-59) Flemish. Engraver and publisher, active in Antwerp and Paris. There are 3 printmakers from the same family with the same name, two of whom were father and son (II and III); no attempt is made in the database to distinguish them.

Meyssens, Joannes (1612-70) Flemish. Painter, engraver and publisher. Born in Brussels in 1612 and moved to Antwerp in 1640 where he died in 1670. He published work by Wenceslaus Hollar and prints after portraits by Van Dyck associated with the Iconography.

Moncornet, Balthasar (c.1600-88) French. Engraver and publisher.

Morphew, John (active 1706-20) Printseller.

Mortier, Corneille (active 1688) Dutch. Worked with Jan Covens. Playing-card maker.

Mortier, David ((1673-1728) Dutch. A Dutchman, born in Amsterdam, brother of the famous Amsterdam bookseller Pierre who specialised in atlases (see I.H. van Eeghen, De Amsterdamse Boekhandel 1680-1725, Amsterdam, 1960-6, III pp. 253-5). David was naturalised in England on 10 July 1696 (see W.A. Shaw (ed), 'Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalisation 1613-1700', Huguenot Society, 18 (1911), p. 243), and ran a bookselling business at the sign of Erasmus's Head near the Fountain Tavern in the Strand. Two catalogues of his stock have survived. The earlier, which can be dated c.1696, is of 8pp. and seems to contain plates imported from his brother in Amsterdam (BL 821 g.3(10)). The later, which has been dated c.1703, is of 46pp. and contains mostly imported maps (BL Sc.84(1)). David was naturalised on his marriage in 1706, and remained in England until his death, apart from various periods in 1711-21 when he had to return to Amsterdam to help run Pierre's business after his brother's death (cf Tyacke p. 124). During these years his shop at Erasmus's Head was run by his deputy Peter Dunoyer (Harris pp.140-1). David is best known for his involvement in the publication from 1707 onwards of Britannia Illustrata, later called the Nouveau Théâtre de la Grande Bretagne (see Bernard Adams, London Illustrated 1604-1851 (19830, pp. 36-45). For a trade label or advertisement see Heal, 17.106.

Moseley, Humphrey (active 1627-61) Bookseller. Free of the Stationers' Company, 1627. In partnership with Nicholas Fussell until 1635. Lists of his publications: in Sir A Cokain, Dianea, 1654, BL; R. Brome, Five New Playes, 1653, BL E.1423. Bibliography: H. R. Plomer, A Dictionary of the Booksellers and Printers who were at work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1641 to 1667, 1907.

Mylbourne, Robert (c.1596-1642) Bookseller and publisher; free of the Stationers' Company 1617; 1620s, in partnership with Humphrey Robinson.