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Kidson James (17th cent.) Publisher.

King, John (1698-1748) A large-scale printseller of the eighteenth century whose name and address at the Globe against the Church in the Poultry are found on many later re-issues of seventeenth-century engravings. King's purchase of the plates of Robert White (d.1703) from his son is mentioned by Vertue (VI 183). King's name is also found on many re-issues of the plates of Vandrebanc which he must have acquired from Christopher Browne after his retirement c.1712. According to Dunton (p. 359) King took over his old shop in the Poultry; this would have been c.1698 according to Plomer p. 180. King's trade card in the Bagford collection (Harley 5963 no. 473) reads: 'John King living at the sign of the Globe in the Poultry sells all sorts of prints and maps with colours and other materials for painting prints on glass, and likewise all sorts of stationery ware set on cloth, coloured and are to be sold by John King at the Globe in the Poultry'. The first evidence of King's activity is in a view of Hampton Court and its garden (Clayton p. 5).

Kip, William (1588-1618) See Directory of printmakers.

Krol, Jan Bastiaansz. (fl. 1652) Dutch. Publisher in Middelburg.

Kunholt, Gabriel (late 17th cent.) Publisher/printer.

Küsel, Melchior (1626-83) German. Engraver and publisher, fl. Augsburg, Vienna and Munich. Pupil of Matthäus Merian the Elder in Frankfurt. Married Merian's daughter Maria Sibylla. At times worked with his brother Matthäus Küsel. Best known for his 146 etchings after Johann Wilhelm Baur entitled Iconographia (1670).